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Right now, Paf offers new betting clients €20 in bonuses. All you have to do in order to receive the bonus is to place a bet (any bet) on a sporting event and within two days from the bet is settled you will receive an e-mail containing a link. Click the link and Paf will automatically add €20 to your account.

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Paf betting

Paf offers betting opportunities for all the major markets around. So no matter what kind of bets you want to place, Paf is a good place to do so. Paf offers soccer bets on La Liga, Premier League and all the other major leagues as well as other big sports such as tennis and golf. Also Paf offers live betting and exciting soccer related games such as “SuperScore” and “SuperToto”.

Also, due to the location of Paf, the company offers a variety of different betting opportunities in Finland and Sweden. In Scandinavian soccer, Paf is strongest in Allsvenskaen, Superettan in Sweden and Veikkausliiga and Ykkonen in Finland.

Paf betting – Paf betting bonus code

As mentioned elsewhere, in this article Paf offers €20 betting bonus when signing up to Paf’s betting division. Follow the instruction in connection to signing up to Paf and receive the bonus. Again, it is not possible to use a Paf bonus code and not a special Paf betting bonus code in order to receive the bonus. Our Paf bonus code is “Maxbonus”.

Paf betting

About Paf

Paf is a Finnish/Swedish betting and casino company with a strong presence in Spain. The company offers a range of gambling possibilities and has its main focus in casino and betting. The main reason for choosing Paf is security and the great first time deposit bonus on betting. If you are looking for a bookmaker, which holds a high level of security and one of the best betting bonuses in the market Paf is a good choice. The €20 bonus might not seem like a world class offer but the terms mean that the bonus is much more attractive than many of the betting bonuses that you see on the market.

Paf security

One of the main reasons for choosing Paf is security. Since 1966 Paf has run casino and betting from the Ålands Islands between Sweden and Finland. Beside the online operations, Paf runs physical casinos on the Ålands Islands and the ferry to and from the Islands. Paf is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which makes safe to play at Paf.

Paf casino bonus – Get 200 free spins

With Paf you can receive a 200 free spins bonus. In order to wager the bonus you will have to wager 30 times the original deposit by playing slot machines. As always, please check the Paf website and make sure that the bonus is still available.

Paf has paid out the highest winning in 2013 when a lucky player won 17,8 million € on the Mega Fortune slot machine at a Paf casino.

Paf tennis

No bookie with respect for itself leaves out tennis from its betting possibilities. Tennis is played somewhere any time of the day and most often night and is often fun to bet on. Furthermore, due to the many factors that decide who will win it is a sport where experts and nerds can have an advantage compared to the bookies.

Paf does offer betting on tennis and the bets counts in relation to the bonus.

Paf bet on Formula One

Almost nowhere in the world is Formula One as popular as in Finland. Finland loves motorsports in general and Formula One in particular. You are allowed to bet on Formula One at Paf and Formula One counts in relation to the €20 Paf bonus. Again, no Paf bonus code necessary.

Paf and NBA

As many of the younger sports fans in Scandinavia want it, the American sports are a part of any semi-large and large bookmakers offerings. One of the most popular sports between the different American sports is NBA or National Basketball Association. During the season Paf offers bets on almost all the NBA action and some of the college basketball matches as well.

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Paf betting final evaluation

Pro’s: As always Paf is a trusted bookie and internet casino. We like the fact that Paf is Finnish and that the revenue goes to charity. No like, we love ….….

Furthermore, the website has a very high very high level of security. We do not feel like they want to cheat anyone.

Also, the betting bonus is good and with fair terms. It is not a bonus for the big time gamblers but a real bonus and not hidden behind a lot of complicated terms. The Paf casino bonus is a little more difficult to play at home.

Con’s: To be fair, Paf is a casino that looks a little more local and simple then for instance Scandinavian Unibet or the world’s biggest online sports betting company, Bet365.

Also, the casino bonus is ok but not really good and the betting division could use a bonus for the big time gamblers.

All in all, four out of five; for Finnish, secure and trustworthy.

Paf bonus