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We are looking for bonus code tips and this is your bonus code tipster website. Help us scan the Internet by sending in your favourite online stores, service providers, money markets and casinos that offer bonus codes. We will reward the best tips with prizes such as gift certificates and money gifts to use at online entertainment websites.

How it works?

Send us a tip if you come across a cool website that offers vouchers and discounts with bonus codes. Participate in our competition and stand a chance to win a prize. Please note that we do NOT accept bonus codes with the tipster’s own bonus code with a tracker but only general bonus codes available to everybody.

In order to tip us about a bonus code that we do not have on the website and participate in the competition, fill out the form in “Tip us”. Remember to write where we are able to contact you if you should be one of our lucky winners.

What is a bonus code?

A bonus code, promotion code, voucher or offer code is a discount that an online store offers to its clients in connection with registration and/or placing an order. The name “bonus code” refers to the fact you have to write the code before the discount is effected. Both online shops and entertainment websites offer bonus codes, as well as offline stores and offline marketing in general.

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What is a good bonus code?

A good bonus code is one which makes an actual offer that you cannot receive without using the bonus code. Many bonus codes do not provide you with any actual advantage and only give access to the exact same bonus offered to all other customers that do not use a bonus code.

Furthermore, a good bonus code contains good terms related to the bonus. For instance, a casino can offer a million in bonuses, but if the wager requirements are too strict, you will probably never win anything anyway.

Bonus code terms explained

In general, when you receive a bonus code, you need to be very aware of the bonus terms and conditions connected to the bonus. This also goes for bonuses received by using a bonus code.

For shopping, the conditions connected to the bonus are important. For example, how much is the discount? Is there a refund policy? Who pays for transportation of the package?

For entertainment, the bonus terms connected to the bonus are more important: What is the wager requirement? Which games qualify for the bonus? Do the offer and potential wager demands have a deadline, after which the bonus will be removed from your account if you have failed to fulfil the requirements? Etc.